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Create a carved Burl Bowl

How to create a burl bowl. A Wandoo burl is used craft a beautiful table centrepiece, however any piece of timber deep enough to form a bowl could be utilised.

In this Video tutorial, learn how to create a Relief Plaque and a Sculptured Vase using the Mini Grinder Power Tool.

Create a Relief Plaque and Sculptured Vase

Carved Face Design

Create this stunning face in hours using only the Mini Grinder! Download the pdf

The perfect beginner project to unleash your creativity and sculpt an amazing sea horse!
Includes seahorse templates for design. If you can dream it you can create it with Arbortech. Download the pdf
Chaise Lounge Chaise Lounge
Designed and created by Kevin Inkster (Fine Woodworker and inventor of the Arbortech range of shaping tools), the Chaise Lounge was crafted from waste Pine. This project plan is only intended as a guide to crafting this piece. Please remember that even though used Pine was used, any timber or sectional dimensions can be used - it's entirely up to you! Download the pdf

Arbortech Tools >  Woodcarving Projects

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