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Arbortech Woodcarver PRO-4 Kit  (Ref: 340235)

Arbortech Woodcarver PRO-4 Kit

The Arbortech PRO-4 Kit comes as a complete package including the Arbortech blade and Pro-Guard.

This carving disc fits onto most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders and removes large amounts of wood quickly and effectively when carving or sculpting. The blade has an extremely hard cutting edge with a resilient core which gives it a very low wear rate and the strength to withstand the stresses of high speed operation. Sharpening can be carried out with a 5.5mm chain saw file. The Arbortech Pro-Guard is a multi-purpose guard which also acts as a depth stop, safety guard, parallel guide and chip deflector.

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Arbortech PRO-Guard for Woodcarver  (Ref: 340236.)

Arbortech PRO-Guard for Woodcarver

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Woodcarver Pro-4

Arbortech Tools >  Arbortech Woodcarver Pro-4

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